Innova Children’s Heart Hospital is first of its kind in the sub continent to have an exclusive pediatric cardiac centre, which offers focused and specialized care to the children suffering from heart diseases.It is a trend setting institutional model aiming to provide world-class heart care for children of all sections of society. The need for highly specialized quality care is of extreme essence in this group. The heart disease process and physiology of Neonates and small children are different from adult cardiology and cardiac surgery. They require specially trained doctors, nurses and technicians to achieve excellent results. Since their safety margin is less compared to adults, they require special care to achieve the desired results. Keeping all these in view, we have started exclusive Pediatric cardiac care Hospital.


A team of renowned doctors who have served for years in this specialty, backed by cutting edge technology to achieve excellent results. It also actively ensures excellence in academics, research and training for young professionals.



Dr K.S. Murthy, MS., M. Ch., heads the Hospital. He is a renowned personality in the world of pediatric cardiac surgery. He specialized in Pediatric Cardiac surgery from Green Lane Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand and Madras Medical Mission Chennai. He has performed more than 11,000 surgeries including complex congenital surgeries on the newborn babies with the best comparable results in the world. He has numerous innovative techniques in the field of pediatric Cardiac Surgery to his credits, which are now known by his name. He is the only surgeon in the country to perform Single Stage Unifocalization and has second highest number of surgeries in the world.

Innova so far – In a span of six years, we have performed more than 6,500 surgeries and interventions which are one of the highest numbers in the Country from a single institute and our results are comparable to the best centers in the World. We have performed highest number of surgeries from children of lower socio economic background through Aarogyasri program. The youngest child operated was less than 24 hours and the smallest baby was 800 gms. The Homograft Valve Bank has been added to our facilities and it is the first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh. It will be a boon to children suffering from certain types of congenital cardiac anomalies.


On popular demand from local residents, Innova Multi Specialty hospitaland Innova diagnostic laboratoryin adjacent two buildings on either side of existing Innova Children’s Heart Hospital, to meet the long felt need of the community. With this expansion, Innova is now in an eminent position to provide super specialty care for both adults and children. As usual, we are emphasizing high quality clinical care with ethical practice. We are also continuing our efforts to train the younger generation and conduct research in basic and clinical sciences. We have well experienced faculty and our in-house training to our dedicated staff is a continuous activity.


Innova Super specialty Hospital has sophisticated and modern State of the Art equipment. We have given utmost importance for asepsis. The operation theatres are well maintained with most sophisticated 0.3u hepafilters with laminar flow air tent to reduce intra-operative infection. Our ICUs are also equally well maintained with 5u hepafilters that facilitate many air exchanges. The critical areas are supplied with reverse osmosis processed water with UV sterilization.


Innova Little Heart Foundation collects donations from charitable organizations to help the poor and deserving children to get the free / concessional treatment. It also conducts training courses for the medical professionals. It has tax exemption for donations in India (80 G) and abroad (FCRA). As a part of our social commitment, we have conducted several free medical camps and Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs. We have also conducted five consecutive Innova-Stanford Conclaves as an extension of our academic activity in association with Children’s HeartLink (a philanthropic organization, USA) and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford University, USA.



Our mission is to provide dedicated care to as many children as possible from all sections of society and Our Vision is to conduct medical research and to train younger generation to carry forward our Mission in an innovative model to suit our Indian scenario.


True to its name, Innova is an Innovative model to treat the suffering, addressing the needs of people of different socio economic conditions. Innova is driven by an innovative concept to provide World class health care for the sufferings at the affordable cost. Our motto is “Care with Compassion and Ahead with Innovation”. Our team’s commitment is “We do the very best we know how to—- the very best we can do; and we mean to keep doing so all time to come”.