Intensive Care Unit
Round the Clock experienced and dedicated intensivists manage the intensive care to take care of critically ill patients. Many recent techniques have been adopted, revised or modified in life supporting therapy of post operative ventilation and critical care management to suit local conditions and patients.
Emergency Services
We have 24 hours causality services managed by well trained specialists in emergency medicine. They are capable of providing resuscitation, identifying the problem and referring to the concerned specialists for further management. Dedicated nurses and other para medical staff help in smooth running of the emergency care.
Ambulance Services
Specially designed ambulances are available to transport critically ill patients even from the far away places. They are well equipped for the facilities like ventilation, heamodynamic monitoring and cardio pulmonary resuscitation
Critical Care Nursing
Provided with 24 hours service with specially trained nurses in monitoring vital signs, ventilatory management, blood gas analysis etc. They contribute in decision making for the positive outcome. They undergo in-house training to update their knowledge. Infection control practices are carried out and monitored strictly to prevent / minimize infections in the ICU.

Rehabilitation is managed by specialist physiotherapists in various specialties like cardiac, respiratory, ortho and neuro offered to restore patients to their highest functional capacity and help them to speedy recovery after the procedures.
Homograft Valve bank
First of its kind in Andhra Pradesh and it is very useful armamentarium to the field of cardiac surgery. The valves are taken from the cadavers and sterilized to be utilized in various corrective operations for valvular and congenital heart disease.
Lab Facilities
Biochemistry, Hematology carries a wide range of investigations using the most modern techniques and equipment. Bacterial, fungal and other culture sensitivities are carried in the microbiology department by using the State of the Art facilities. Blood bank is fully equipped for blood and blood components. Various screening tests are performed before blood transfusion to prevent contagious infections. Various Histopathological examinations, fresh frozen biopsy are carried out by expert pathologists in pathology department.
Preventive health Checkups
Various preventive tests have been done to screen patients from womb to tomb. Little Master Health Checkup for Children and Executive health Checkups for Adults. In adults, various packages have been formulated for heart, kidney, liver diseases etc. This helps in early detection and timely intervention to minimize the morbidity and improve the outcome of the patients.
Medical Social Worker
They counsel the families and help them to with-stand the high level f stress and anxiety that the illness of a dear one. The social worker ensures that routine matters like keeping the concerned people informed about the progress of the patient and also smooth coordination among various departments. They also help them for various requirements like booking return tickets, banking, foreign exchange etc. They also help the poor and needy patients to get financial assistance for their dear ones operation. They help in getting religious and spiritual assistance for all sectors.
Academics, Research and Training
The institute is committed for excellence in academics, training and research. It has many collaborative research projects with Nations most prestigious institutes like National Institute of Nutrition, Indian Institute of Chemical technology, Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology and Institute of Genetics. This department is managed by Prof. IM Rao, a renowned teacher and academician from All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Dr. KV Rao, who has several years of experience in WHO, UNICEF, USAID, World Bank etc.
Specialty Focus
It is a tertiary care hospital at Tarnaka, Hyderabad, which focuses mainly on cardiology, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, neurology and neuro-surgery, urology, nephrology and critical care. The specialty focus helps to attract and train super-specialist clinicians. The hospital plans to invest significantly in the technology, equipment and infrastructure to perform the most advanced procedures.
Planned to promote IVF centre which is first of its kind in East Hyderabad.
Planned to promote chain of super specialty hospitals in other metros.
Planned to start nursing college and allied health sciences courses. We have already started allied health sciences courses under the auspice of Osmania University. We have started clinical, epidemiological and basic research in collaboration with Nations most prestigious institutions.
Ability to attract and retain talents
The Hospital has been successful in attracting and retaining doctors, who have over a period of time, achieved clinical excellence in their fields. Innova conducts specific training programs for doctors, nurses, paramedical professionals and management personnel. The hospital adopts a competitive compensation structure which helps them in retaining and attracting talents for its future growth prospects
Professional Management
The hospital operations are led by an experienced management group that functions well as a team, and that has the expertise and vision to continue to expand business. Our Senior Management team included Dr. KS Murthy has been associated with the company since inception and has taken Innova to greater heights. The hospital has separate teams in charge of project execution, human resources, operations, quality management and various functionalities.
Skilled doctors
The hospital has a team of well reputed doctors & staff who are highly qualified & experienced in their field. The hospital pursue standard clinical protocols in patient handling, operating theaters, intensive care unit management and emergency care set by leading international hospitals and accreditation bodies.
Innova hospitals with focus on good and affordable medical care.
Has got good track record with support from individual patients and corporates. Innova hospitals with multi-specialty infrastructure at Tarnaka, Hyderabad turning out to be amongst the medical hubs in the country for residents and non residents Indians and overseas patients.